Rachel Lynne


My hope and wish is for you to know who you are, what you want and that you are unconditionally supported in everything you do. 

Everything you need to have the life and business of your dreams is already inside of you my friend!  I'm here to help you sort out the details, strategize the branding, build the business model and pull all the pieces together. 

I have designed my 1:1 branding intensive package with the greatest intentionality and know that our time together will produce the clarity and confidence you need to walk away with a truly embodied brand that serves you both personally and professionally.

I help you tap into your power to clearly communicate your genius to the world. Together we will craft your messaging & content plan, position your brand, and strategically plan your path to successfully & confidently reaching your goals. Everything we work on together will be for the purpose of building your business around your dream life and attracting your wishlist clients. We’re going to dive deep into your purpose as an entrepreneur, branding, service / product offerings, packaging, messaging and so much more! Are you ready to say "yes" to you and your dream business?

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Let's                  your
dream brand.


Brand identity, positioning & strategy is the floor ... and I believe it should be elevated.

I know ... I know ... We think of branding and we often immediately go to logos, typography, websites, and mood boards. I get it! I really do - I own a creative agency so please trust me when I say I LOVE designing visual brand collateral and art directing photoshoots! 

However, what I know to be true is that the framework for a brand is just as if not more important than the digital assets. This is your chance to dial it in, be intentional and truly succeed in setting up your business for attracting the most aligned clients. I'm a big believer in intentionality and integrity - let's build your business around your life and draw in the people you feel called to serve!

Why 1:1 groundwork is where we begin


We spend 5 hours of 1:1 time together in my brand intensives. I've structured our day to allow for creativity, sharing, planning, strategizing and vibing with all the awesome goodness that comes from entrepreneurship.

I handle all the booking, planning and details of our retreat. My intention is for you to walk away from this experience feeling empowered to take aligned action in your life and business. 

The retreat can take place either in my home state of sunny Florida or I can meet you in your dream location! You'll receive both pre and post-retreat support as well as all the materials from our day together. This deep dive is going to be absolutely amazing - I'll bring the cheesecake!

I create a space for you to truly co-create your ideal brand, build your business model & live your dream life.

the branding intensive is zero fluff

I use the resources, connections, and strategies through my years of entrepreneurship to authentically help you structure, strategize, and build your dream brand & business.

I love working poolside and you'll usually find me with an iced tea in hand but don't confuse my casual "business bestie" approach for skipping out on the nitty gritty of your brand and business. 

We'll have an awesome time (and may even tan a bit) but we're going to dive deep into all the elements of your ideal client, customer value add, acquisition and retention plans, dream schedule, pricing structure, brand strategy, aligned connections & networking opportunities, calls to action, and so much more!

Ok, I'm ready to chat!

Hey girl!

I'm Rachel Lynne

Female founder, branding expert,  podcaster, creative, and embodied woman. I'm so glad you're here. Now let's take aligned action & co-create.

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