Interpreting My Chart

episode 5:

Diving into Human Design is like going down a rabbit hole of the most enlightening self discovery! 

I learned about this system last year and have gleaned so much knowledge about not only myself but also about how to use this tool as a guide within relationships. I’ve found that hearing the interpreted charts of others is an amazing way to see this system reflected and applied in real life.

Soooooo - I’m sharing mine! Megan Seamans Johnston and I dove deep within my chart this week and we’re sharing all the elements that make me - Rachel Lynne!

We’re talking about ALL the things and hoping you gain a deeper knowledge of human design and can see how I’ve used this system in my relationships, work and life! 

If you’re new to Human Design or haven’t already listened to Episode 4, then I invite you to take a moment to jump over, take a listen and check out the journal prompt! Let’s jump in together!

take me to the human design chart

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Take some time to reflect on your life and find the good in life. 

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